Professor Mike Bodkin


Drug Discovery Unit, School of Life Sciences

Mike Bodkin
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Mike brings to Dundee & the DDU a wealth of industrial experience in computational drug discovery that has delivered multiple candidates into the clinic. He began his career as a medicinal chemist at Roche and the James Black Foundation before migrating into computational drug discovery at AZ, Eli Lilly and Evotec. While at Evotec he established the in silico R&D department to integrate software engineers, computational chemists, bioinformaticians, chemical biologists, mathematicians and data scientists to enable AI & systems driven drug discovery. Mike did his PhD in the crystallography department at Birkbeck and a post-doc in the pharmacology department at Cambridge. He has an ambition to converge biology, chemistry, and data sciences to expedite the discovery of novel therapeutics using state of the art in silico approaches.


  1. Reaction Driven Generative Design
  2. Developing Optimisation & Sampling strategies for Drug Design
  3. NLP & Data integration across the Discovery Development Continuum
  4. Knowledge Graphs, Link Prediction, Causal Reasoning and Systems Driven Drug Discovery
  5. Machine Learning with Synthetic Data for Drug Discovery