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Meirian is Archivist and Library Manager at the Marx Memorial Library, London. In this role she has overseen the professionalisation of collections management on all fronts. This has meant strategic planning, policy development, project management, fund-bidding and supervising the work of contractors, a team of volunteers and project staff. The MML has developed partnerships with national and local heritage organisations including the British Library and Islington Museum, in addition to schools, Universities and other third sector organisations. The Library is now working towards Archive Accreditation. At the MML Meirian has particularly enjoyed enabling access to its collections through innovative projects utilising digital media and creatively engaging with target audiences including trade unions, school groups and a global research community.

Meirian has a research interest in democratising access to archives and in the role of archives in historic truth and justice campaigns, with a focus on the Spanish Civil War and the Franco dictatorship. Recent papers include ‘The Marx Memorial Library and Marx’s bicentenary’ at the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, Beijing (2018);  ‘Radical archives as radical agents’ at Wars of Position: Communism and Civil Society International Conference, Manchester University (2017), and ‘Labour archives for the labour movement: broadening access and participation in the digital age’ at University of Ghent (2017).

Meirian is Chair of the Archives and Resources Committee of the Society for the Study of Labour History and is a Peer Reviewer for the ARA’s Archive Service Accreditation.