Lewis Beer

TCTU Portfolio Clinical Trial Manager

Health and Clinical Services, School of Medicine

Health and Clinical Services, School of Medicine

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Lewis graduated from the University of Dundee in 2009 with a BSc in Pharmaceutical Chemistry and has worked for the University since 2011, joining as a Forensic Toxicology Technician. After 5 years within Forensic Medicine, and obtaining a Masters in Forensic Toxicology, Lewis moved to Tayside Clinical Trials Unit as a Clinical Trial Coordinator working on several Hepatitis C treatment pathway studies. As of 2019, Lewis is Clinical Trial Manager of the Epitope study, a trial evaluating Hepatitis C treatment as prevention of the spread of Hepatitis C in people who inject drugs.


Clinical trials: SuperDOT-C (2016-2019), ADVANCE HCV (2017-present), Epitope (2019-present)