Jordan Napier-Morrow

Staff Development Lead

Medicine Office, School of Medicine

Jordan Napier
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+44 (0)1382 383536


Jordan leads the faculty development offering for staff teaching on the MBChB programme in the School of Medicine. This involves identifying, planning, delivering and evaluating development opportunities in a range of formats and utilising a range of methods. Jordan works closely with the MBChB Curriculum Management Team, the NHS Tayside Directorate of Medical Education, the NHS Tayside Teaching Leads and the Centre for Medical Education to remain responsive in her approach to supporting staff in juggling their clinical and educator roles.

Jordan has a background in Literary Studies, as well as Healthcare Quality Improvement and holds a Masters of Medical Education. She is passionate about influencing positive change, and using creative methods to facilitate this.

Jordan leads the Enhancing Learning in Medicine Programme, which is a series of semi-structured workshops to encourage staff to reflect on designing, facilitating, supporting and assessing learning in the context of healthcare education.