Jennifer Gallagher

Laboratory Manager

Life Sciences Office, School of Life Sciences

Plant Sciences, School of Life Sciences

Jennifer Gallagher
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Jennifer completed her BSc in Anatomy with first class honours from Glasgow University in 2002. Following a year travelling she undertook an MSc in Oncology at Nottingham University achieving a distinction in 2004. Her first position in 2004 was a Research Assistant at The Human Reproductive Science Unit in Edinburgh. In 2007 Jennifer moved to Dundee to undertake a Research Assistant position within the School of Medicine. During her 15 years appointment within the School of Medicine Jennifer has worked on a number of projects focused on complications associated with disease such as obesity, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

In April 2022, Jennifer left the School of Medicine and started a new chapter within the School of Life Sciences. Based at the James Hutton Institute, Jennifer is Laboratory Manager for the Division of Plant Sciences.

Jennifer took on the role of Technician Champion for the University of Dundee Technician Commitment, December 2023.