Dr Jane Dickson

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Population Health and Genomics, School of Medicine

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Health Sciences Office, School of Health Sciences

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Jane is a medical anthropologist working in healthcare.  She is a material, visual and digital culture specialist who enjoys understanding how people make sense of the world through their personal experiences and uses this understanding to facilitate more effective patient experiences, healthcare work and safety and practice improvement.

Jane completed her undergraduate degree in Visual Anthropology at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA (summa cum laude) and then returned to the UK to undertake an MA (honours). She was awarded a PhD in Material, Visual and Digital Culture section of the Anthropology department at University College London, for her thesis examining the material culture and affordances of ecological utopias (Ecotopias).



MyWay Precision.

(WP4) Interface development through user centred design and testing with stakeholders 


My Way IQ (MWIQ); safety and efficacy testing of a diagnosis and precision medicine tool for diabetes management.

User testing, development of platform patient and clinician facing platform. Bench testing and real-world evaluation in 8 GP practices.

The Professional Records Standards Body (PRSB) Case Study: Somerset Diabetes Integrated Care Model.  on Work package 6 with patients and clinicians.

The Impact of Foot problems: Qualitative Study on Social participation in older people (I-FOQUSS)

Qualitative work with people living with foot problems and their caregivers.

I also conduct analysis on the qualitative elements of surveys across the My Diabetes My Way e-learning platform.


The iDiabetes Platform: Enhanced Phenotyping of patients with diabetes for Precision Diagnosis, Prognosis and Treatment

Design Group, user testing of clinician-facing platform.

MyDiabetes Inpatient Management Tool (MYDIM) 

(Phase 2) Design and development of clinician facing app for secondary care.

SBRI Foot: MyWay Foot Predict Tool 

(Phase 2) Assessment and user testing of the foot screens for the clinical and patient facing platform.

Antibiotic Research in Care Homes (ARCH) 

Ethnographic fieldwork and interviews in WP2, behavioural psychology interviews in WP3 and design and testing of a complex intervention in and WP4.   

Improving the safety of inter-professional collaboration in an Acute Medical Unit: an examination of the feasibility and implementation of video reflexive ethnography in UK healthcare. 

Using video and focus groups for practice improvement and research.

Delivering Digital Drugs (D3) Project, London School of Economics and Political Science

Interdisciplinary project examining the digitization of medicines.