Dr James McMillan

Senior Clinical Lecturer

Undergraduate Medicine, School of Medicine

Undergraduate Medicine, School of Medicine

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Dr James McMillan is a general practitioner (GP) and medical educator. He graduated from Edinburgh University in 1999 (MB ChB). He completed his general practice specialist training in Tayside and worked in partnership in Perth for about 5 years. Following this he spent two and a half years as a physician in rural Alberta, Canada. He continues to work as a sessional GP and has worked as an educator at the University since 2015. He holds a Master’s in Medical Education.

His research interests and scholarship work relate predominantly to the concepts of heutagogy and lifelong learning and is driven by a belief there are strong associations between these concepts, the professional identity of a physician and the skills required for future generations of physicians in order to: manage themselves in increasingly complex work environments; deliver meaningful healthcare in shifting paradigms of health; and reform healthcare services in line with genuine societal needs.



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McMillan, J.C.D. (2022) ‘Is it time to reconsider our understanding of lifelong learning in medical training’, Journal of Social Science Student Research [Preprint]. Available at: https://doi.org/10.20933/30000100.


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Scholarship Activities

McMillan J.C.D. (2022). Rethinking Lifelong Learning in Medical Education. In L. Jones (chair), Future proofing professional education and CPD. Enhancing research and scholarship for emotional intelligence, resilience and lifelong learning capacities. Division of Education and Society Conference, University of Dundee.

McMillan, J.C.D., Jones,L. (2022). A Path Through the Mist: Providing practical guidance for educators in approaching the assessment of reflection. Tayside General Practice Educators Conference, Dundee.

McMillan J.C.D. (2019). A scientific realist informed inquiry into graduating medical students’ conceptualisations of ‘lifelong learning’ and the related influences of medical training. School of Education & Social Work’s Annual Research & Scholarship Conference, University of Dundee.

McMillan J.C.D., Jones L. (2019). To self-direct or not to self-direct, that is the question: Shining a light on curriculum dilemmas. AMEE Conference, Vienna, Austria.

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  • Overall lead for years 1-3 of the general practice component of the MB ChB curriculum
  • Academic lead for year 3 of the general practice component of the MB ChB curriculum
  • Co-lead on the intercalated BMSc in Medical Education
  • Clinical Teacher at the University of Dundee Clinical Skills Centre
  • Module Lead for MB ChB Student Selected Component “Learning in Medicine: Developing skills for personal and professional success”.