Dr Gwen Kennedy

Core Facilities Manager

Medicine Office, School of Medicine

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Gwen obtained her BSc in Pharmacology from University of Dundee and then went on to undertake a PhD sponsored by Pfizer Central Ltd. The title of her thesis was “Cell Adhesion Molecules: Levels, Roles and Interactions” under the supervision of Professor Jill Belch & Dr Margaret McLaren.

Gwen has had various Postdoctoral research assistant and Principal Investigator posts within the University Department of Medicine, University of Dundee funded mainly by various charities and pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer Central Ltd. [Sandwich Kent], Scottish Heart and Arterial Risk Prevention (SHARP) [Dundee], Vasogen Ltd., [Toronto, Canada], Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Research Group for Education and support [Perth], The Institute of Cardiovascular Research (TICR) [Dundee]- research activities included investigating variations in soluble cell adhesion molecule and cytokine levels in healthy subjects and patients with various inflammatory and vascular conditions; and leukocyte/ platelet interactions by flow cytometry and other in vitro methods; interactions of leukocytes and platelets using a flow cytometer; various aspects of chronic fatigue syndrome, including inflammatory mediators, oxidative stress and apoptosis

For a couple of years Gwen was also the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Studies Trial Manager for the Inflammatory and Diseases Research Unit, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee.

In 2005 Gwen became the Director of Thrombosis Laboratory, The Institute of Cardiovascular Research, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee and was awarded a 5 year Sir John Fisher Fellowship in 2010.

Since 2012 Gwen has been the manager for the Immunoassay Biomarker Core Laboratory Facility.


Gwen’s current research is to identify new biomarkers:- with key interests to successfully stratify risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and inflammatory conditions in low-risk populations; to allow stratification of patient treatment therapies; and determine new platforms for biomarker discovery.

A biomarker is a characteristic that can be objectively measured and evaluated as an indicator of normal biological processes, pathogenic processes or pharmacological responses to therapeutic intervention.

As manager of the Immunoassay Biomarker Core Laboratory Gwen’s key role is to offer and provide research which supports and promotes both the School of Medicine’s mission “to understand the underlying causes of common diseases and healthcare problems - and develop interventions and therapies that will impact both patient care and quality of life”, as well as the research areas “our world class research strengths in cancer, cardiovascular disease & diabetes, informatics & public health, neuroscience and imaging”.

The Immunoassay Biomarker Core Laboratory provides immunoassay determinations in biological fluids, specimen processing, sample re-formatting and sample logistics for both internal and external collaborators.






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Year 1 supervisor for Dundee MBChB Phase 1 Student Selected Components (SSC)