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  • MA (Hons) in Psychology with German (graduated 2015)
  • MSc in Psychological Research Methods (graduated 2017)
  • Psychology Support Specialist (interim: Feb-July 2022)
  • Scottish Graduate School of Social Science funded PhD studentship in Psychology (Supervisors: Dr Yuki Kamide; Dr Alissa Melinger) (2018-current)


My PhD research investigates talker adaptation in dialectal communication. I am developing a new experimental paradigm which combines elements of language comprehension and production. Through this project I aim to understand how conversation partners from different dialectal backgrounds can communicate successfully with one another. I focus particularly on interaction between Scottish dialect users and speakers of so-called 'standard' English.

My secondary interest lies in studying patterns of suicidal behaviour. During my MSc practicum I co-authored a paper investigating the influence of ecological factors on suicide attempts at a local area of interest. I believe strongly in replacing the stigma around suicide with frank, considerate and scientifically informed discussion.


  • Psychological Research Skills (Level 3/MSc)
  • Understanding the Mind (Level 2)
  • Introductory Psychology (Level 1)
  • Access Summer School (Applicants)
  • Lab Skills Training (UG and PG students)


  • Heggdal Lønes, E., Kamide, Y., & Melinger, A. (2022, September 09). Do abstract priming, talker beliefs about the listener, and conceptual pacts all affect lexical choice during cross-dialectal communication? [Poster Session]. Architectures and Mechanisms of Language Processing (AMLaP) 28, University of York, United Kingdom.