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I completed my bachelor's degree in Legal Studies and Psychology at the University of Aberdeen in 2018, and then went on to complete my MSc in Health Psychology at the same University in 2020. While studying for my MSc, I was employed by Momentum Scotland, a charity supporting disabled and socially isolated individuals back to work.


My PhD explores the self-regulation mechanisms that aid unassisted smoking cessation (self-quitting) in Scotland and is funded by the Scottish Graduate School of Social Sciences (SGSSS). As part of the project, I collaborate closely with Action on Health and Smoking (ASH Scotland), a non-profit organisation tackling the harm and inequality caused by smoking.

Through my MSc thesis, I became interested in the role of emotion regulation and executive functioning in facilitating (or hindering) engagement in key health-protecting behaviours, such as diet and physical activity. Finally, I am interested in the application of psychological research to “real-world settings”, particularly in the context of third sector organisations.