Daniel Sebastian Courtney

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  • PhD, Psychology, started 2021 (University of Dundee) 
    Concentration: Effect of Publicly Sharing Opinions on Overconfidence 
    Supervisors: Ana-Maria Bliuc, Yuki Kamide 
  • MSc, Developmental Psychology, graduated with distinction 2021 (University of Dundee) 
    Concentrations: Psycholinguistics, Social Psychology 
    Dissertation: Nonlinguistic Context Effects on Reading Times in Social Media Posts 
    Dissertation Supervisor: Yuki Kamide 
  • MA, Applied Linguistics, graduated with merit 2017 (University of Birmingham) 
    Concentrations: Cognitive Linguistics, Language Teaching Methodology 
    Dissertation: Heart and Head: Metaphor and Metonymy in English and Japanese 
    Dissertation Supervisor: Phyllis Chen 


My PhD research is on the relationship between social media behaviour and overconfidence. Separately, I have published on vaccine hesitancy and do research on collective action. My research interests also include conspiracy ideation, misinformation, polarisation and nationalism. 


Visiting Lecturer (University of Roehampton) 


  • Introduction to Psychology (foundation degree) – module convener & lecturer 
  • Communication for Academic Purposes 2 (foundation degree) – module convener & lecturer 
  • Applying Psychology (1st year undergraduate) – seminar leader 

Tutor (University of Dundee) 


  • Introductory Psychology:1 (Mark Exam Replacement) 
  • Introductory Psychology:2 (Marking Coursework essay, Marking Workbook, Marking Exam) 
  • Understanding the Mind (Marking Coursework Essay, Marking Poster)  

12 years experience teaching English in Japan, including at Meiji Gakuin, Sophia, Obirin and Josai International universities. 


Courtney, D.S. and Bliuc, A-M. (2021) Antecedents of Vaccine Hesitancy in WEIRD and East Asian Contexts. Frontiers in Psychology 12, 747721. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2021.747721 

Courtney, D. (2018). ‘”Is there a she?” and “Do you play sex?”: The Importance of Conceptual Fluency for Japanese Learners of English.’ English Scholars Beyond Boarders, volume 4, 138-159. 


Courtney, D.S. and Bliuc, A-M. (2023). Gun control in the US: The relationship between media consumption and collective action. Paper presented at the 19th General Meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology. Krakow, Poland. 

Courtney, D.S., Bliuc, A-M. and Kamide, Y. (2022). ‘Testing the opinion-overconfidence effect in online communication.’ Paper presented at the International Society of Political Psychology Annual Meeting. Athens, Greece. 

Courtney, D. (2018). ‘”Is there a she?” and “Do you play sex?”: The Importance of Metaphorical Competence for Japanese Learners of English.’ Paper presented at the English Scholars Beyond Boarders conference. Toyama, Japan.