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Craig Fees is the founding Archivist for the Planned Environment Therapy Trust Archive and Study Centre (1989 to present), Project Director for the Heritage Lottery Fund-supported project "Therapeutic Living With Other People's Children: An oral history of residential therapeutic child care c. 1930 - c. 1980", and Honorary Director of the Institute for the History and Work of Therapeutic Environments, a relationship between the Planned Environment Therapy Trust and the History of Medicine Unit at the University of Birmingham, where he is an Honorary Research Fellow. He is a member of the Oral History Society Committee, an accredited Oral History Society/British Library oral history trainer, the Oral History Society Regional Network representative for Gloucestershire, and coordinator for the Oral History Society's Virtual Network. Past roles in this area have included Secretary of the Society of Archivists Film and Sound Group (1995-2000), and coordinator of the Society of Archivists 50th anniversary project "Celebrating Memory: An oral history of the Society of Archivists and its members". He has been a Registered Member of the Society, now the Archives and Records Association, since 2003. Since 2005 he has been an International Board Member of "Therapeutic Communities: The International Journal for Therapeutic and Supportive Organizations".

A founding member of the Child Care History Network and its Board (2008 to present), his research interests include the history and practice of therapeutic environments, the nature and practice of oral history, and the issues that arise around archives and child care, both in terms of the absolute absence of records and therefore recorded memory for a large number of former children in care, and the relative absence, whether through legal restriction or the lack of connection between people and the records relating to them. He also retains a long-standing interest in local history and culture, As crystallis