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Carrie is a Senior Lecturer in Education (Teaching and Scholarship) and has worked at the University of Dundee since 2008. This followed a professional career as a teacher of Modern Languages. From 2019 to 2022, Carrie was a member of the School of Education and Social Work’s Senior Executive Group in her capacity as Associate Dean for Quality and Academic Standards. From 2021 to 2022, she took on the role of Interim Discipline Lead for Teacher Education prior to the merging of the School of Education and Social Work merging into the School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law in August 2022. Carrie is currently Head of Division for Education and Society within the School of Humanities, Social Sciences and Law where she is responsible for Education (Teacher Education, Childhood Practice & Educational Psychology), Community Education, Social Work, and Languages.

Carrie’s teaching and scholarship involves work in the area of teacher education. She represents the institution on the Scottish Council of Deans of Education Committee (SCDE) which deals with all aspects of teacher education at national level where she has specific responsibility for quality assurance and the national annual self-evaluation symposium. She is the SCDE’s representative on the National Teacher Workforce Planning Committee and is currently working as part of a committee looking at the future of teacher education in Scotland. She has undertaken projects with local authorities relating to deepening understanding of teaching and learning in Scottish schools.