Dr Benjie Tang

Senior Lecturer

Imaging Science and Technology, School of Medicine

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Dr Benjie Tang was appointed as a Lecturer at the Cuschieri Skills Centre at the University of Dundee in 2006 and promoted as a Senior Lecturer in 2013. He graduated from Medical School of Qingdao University in 1987, China and did his postgraduate study as clinical fellow in surgery at Medical School of Beijing University in 1997. He obtained his MD from Medical School of Dundee University in 2004 under supervision of Professor Sir Alfred Cuschieri and Professor George B Hanna. He is a fully qualified general surgeon with interest and extensive experience in laparoscopic surgery. He has interest in use of Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) technique to evaluate laparoscopic surgery to improve surgical performance and patient safety. He is responsible for research, course development, organizing, and teaching on courses which are run for both undergraduate medical students and postgraduate surgical trainees. He is a supervisor for Master Degree and MD degree in Minimal Access Surgery (MMAS). He has developed and run many courses in use simulation, simulator, animal tissue model, and human cadaver for training in surgery especially in laparoscopic surgery for surgeons worldwide.


  • Development of new assessment tool to evaluate operative skills in laparoscopic surgery for clinical practice and laparoscopic surgery skills training
  • Development of Surgical Error Reduction System (SERS) in use for reducing surgical errors
  • Development new technologies and techniques to improve surgical performance and surgical training
  • Evaluation on safety of surgical instruments used in both open and laparoscopic surgery
  • Technologies and ergonomic in single incision laparoscopic surgery (SILS)
  • Innovating, developing, and validation on new models of simulators and for simulation techniques employed in surgical training
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  • Creating and developing a wide range of surgical training programmes and courses to train surgeon at different level of experience and skills
  • Developing and delivering learning material in both face to face teaching by both didactic lecture or skills demonstration and online learning for a variety of surgical skills courses in both open and laparoscopic surgery
  • Guiding and supervising master and MD students for their research projects, literature review, writing up thesis, and preparing papers
  • Assessing, evaluating, and ensuring quality of course programme design and delivery through teaching and organization
  • Redesigning and changing content and programme of courses based on the feedback both from students and faculty members
  • Taking senior administrative responsibility and play a key role to coordinate with course faculty and staff member of CSC to prepare the courses before the course and organize post course meeting after the event to assess and evaluate effectiveness of teaching and training for changes and improvement
  • Dealing with academic and professional enquiries and giving appropriate advice and suggestions to the surgical trainees