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I am a lecturer (teaching and scholarship) in International Relations specialising in UN Peacekeeping and Middle East Politics. I studied Public Policy, Economic Policy and Diplomacy in The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia and has a PhD in International Relations from the University of Dundee. I was a visiting lecturer at al-Maktoum Institute, University of Aberdeen in 2010.


My research interests include issues of International Peacekeeping and the Politics of the United Nations. I am also interested in broader Middle East Politics; ‘War on Terror’; Radical Islamic movements; Religion and International Relations.

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Level 1 module (Globalising World) – Team-Teaching, Co-coordinator

Level 2 module (International Relations) - Team-Teaching and convenor of the module,

One Level 3 Module (The Politics of the UN) - Lecturer and Convenor,

Two Level 4 modules (International Peacekeeping and Politics of the Middle East) - Lecturer and Convenor

Level 5/Postgraduate modules – 1. International Security, and 2. Explaining and Understanding International Politics – Team-Teaching; 3. Middle East and Terrorism - Lecturer and Convenor