Professional Practice and Identity module (SW32012)

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This module aims to support you:

  • to develop a critical understanding of the social work role, values and identity within the context of increasingly integrated services
  • to develop critical knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to risk and decision-making within and across specialist areas of practice
  • to further develop critical understanding of the potential for oppression associated with social work practice in the context of risk and decision-making in increasingly integrated services
  • to critically evaluate the social, political, economic and organisational context in which social work takes place and the implications for practice
  • to develop an understanding of morally courageous practice to become confident, competent and prepared for the challenges of professional practice.

This module will enable students to further develop their critical knowledge and understanding of the social work role, values, and identity in the context of integrated services and organisational change. There is a particular focus on risk and decision-making.


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