Practice Learning module (SW31011)

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This module comprises 85 Days in Practice

The module aims to enable students to develop their ability to:

  • Respond professionally to challenging situations, developing communication and intervention skills
  • Develop knowledge, skills and understanding in the social work processes of assessment, planning and intervention
  • Be able to understand different perspectives and adopt appropriate approaches having critically appraised situations from a range of perspectives
  • Demonstrate an appropriate level of autonomy and initiative, whilst being accountable and able to demonstrate integrity in working in organisations
  • Demonstrate a developing ability to carry out practice that is informed by knowledge, research and policy
  • Understand complexity, respond with integrity to ethical and value dilemmas, and practice ethically adhering to the Codes of Practice.

The purpose of this module is to enable students to develop skills in direct social work practice, and to become well-informed, creative and critical practitioners, confident and prepared for the challenges of professional practice. Students will draw on a range of knowledge and understanding developed throughout the programme, acquire knowledge of the practice context, and develop the ability to practice from an evidence-based perspective, having considered a range of possible methods.


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