Critical Knowledge for Social Work Practice Part 1 - Assessing Human Behaviour in the Social Environment module (SW21015)

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This is the first is a series of two modules designed to help you develop the necessary knowledge required to allow you to go out on placement in your third year. In this first module you will focus on the key social work theories and knowledge base that underpins most social work practice.

This module aims to:

  • Provide students with an ecological perspective to frame social work practice
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of key bio-psycho-social theories required for understanding and assessing human behaviour across the life course
  • Provide students with knowledge and skills of assessment across the life course

You will explore a range of sociological and psychological theories that seek to explain human behaviour and how individuals, children and adults, grow and develop. Understanding how people are influenced by their environment underpins any social work assessment which in turn informs how social workers work with people to support them to address the challenges they may be experiencing.


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