Renewable Energy Research Project II (MSci) module (RE50001)

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This project continues your MSci project started in Level 4 (RE50002). More independence and a greater depth of understanding are expected. You will be exposed to supervised but independent project work in this module. The project will typically be laboratory-based but can be a computational or purely theoretical study or a combination thereof. You will develop your reasoning, time management, and research skills.  

Projects are often embedded in active research groups and could be in topics as wide-ranging as energy storage, micro-power generation, or novel materials for photovoltaics. 

Whilst doing your project, you will get the chance to apply the knowledge gained throughout your degree and will pick up and enhance the specific skills employers are most eager to have in a prospective employee. 

Your project will allow you to: 

  • Develop in-depth knowledge of an area of physics.   

  • Plan and execute an independent investigation likely involving equipment design, assembly, and testing or comparable tasks involving software and theoretical methods.  

  • Analyse and critically assess results, taking account of uncertainties, formulate appropriate conclusions, and make critical comparisons with relevant theory.  

  • Carry out appropriate ethics and health and safety assessments. 

  • Present and defend your results at a poster presentation session. 

  • Produce a substantive professional written final report.  

  • Establish the collaborative working practices with colleagues needed for a successful career. 


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