Thermofluids module (ME32001)

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Thermofluids is an essential field within all engineering applications, the subject focuses on heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and also combustion. In combination with the taught level 1 & 2 thermodynamics modules means you will have knowledge to work as an engineer to develop the latest technologies in applications of fluid flow, hydraulics and pneumatics power generation, oil and gas, engine propulsion, gas turbines.

After completing this module you will have knowledge of:

  • The basic principles of the conservation laws (mass, momentum and energy) and be able to apply them to solve practical engineering problems. The form of the fundamental equations of motion that apply to fluid systems. The main dimensionless numbers, the basis of dimensional analysis and similarity and its application to the correlation of experimental data. The factors affecting pump performance and the way in which pump and pipe systems can be matched. The fundamentals of fuel combustion, air compressors, refrigeration and power gas-turbines.
  • The physical behaviour and the different states of fluid flow. The relevance of the fundamental equations of fluid mechanics in the solution of practical engineering problems. The role of dimensional analysis in the design process. Appropriate pumping system selection. The use of the 1st and 2nd law principles in the analysis of combustion, air compressors, refrigeration and power gas-turbines.
  • The basic method for the analysis of the combustion products and environmental aspects; how to control solid and gaseous atmospheric pollutants and thermal discharge into air and natural waters.
  • Carry out the calculations necessary for the solution of practical problems associated with the conservation laws, dimensional analysis, pump selection, fuel combustion, air compressors, refrigeration and power gas-turbines.

This knowledge combined with your practical skills will means that you will be prepared for challenge in a variety of industries.


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