PTS and Project Work module (MA40001)

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This module allows focused and independent study on a specific mathematical topic. You will have many opportunities to develop transferrable skills such as problem-solving, coding, and presentation skills that will be useful outside the project (e.g. at job interviews and when communicating mathematics in talks or via technical reports).  

You will be offered a project from various exciting topics spanning mathematics and statistics. These can be broadly categorised as follows: 

  1. You investigate a problem simply because it is mathematically interesting.  

Some examples of projects include:  

  • Measure, integration and probability theory 
  • Geometry and its structure 
  • Galois Theory 

  1. You investigate the application of mathematics to a scientific or societal problem (e.g., machine learning, finance, solar physics, biology, fluid dynamics, cryptography).  

Some example projects include: 

  • How does your sat nav work? 
  • How does Google search? 
  • Cryptographic schemes 
  • The mathematics of rogue ocean waves  
  • The mathematics of gambling 
  • Mathematical modelling of brain tumour treatment 


  1. You study the development and application of a mathematical technique.  

Some example projects include: 

  • Time-splitting spectral methods for Schrodinger’s equation 
  • How to denoise an image? 
  • Efficient methods for storing large datasets. 

  1. You design your own project  

Is there a topic that particularly excites you? If so, you can approach it from a mathematical perspective.  

Previous examples include:  

  • The mathematics of music  
  • Modelling Covid-19 interventions  
  • The mathematics of billiard ball dynamics  
  • The mathematics of poker. 

Your project is supervised by a lecturer in mathematics with whom you will meet regularly. You will also attend classes that aid the development of your coding and presentation skills.  

By the end of the project, you will have given a verbal presentation and poster on your project in front of your peers and lecturers. You will have also written a final report that describes your work over the year. You will receive regular written feedback on your progress.  

Topics include: 

  • Programming 
  • Report writing 
  • Problem-solving 
  • Communication (poster and presentation) 
  • Project/time management 
  • Project-specific mathematical skills 


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