Making History Today: The Past in the Present module (HY31029)

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  • Level 3
  • Semester 1
  • History Single Honours core module
  • History - School of Humanities
  • Coursework (50%) and Exam (50%)
  • Strongly recommended for History Joint Honours


This module aims to advance your understanding of how History is practiced in current times, with particular focus on (a) how historical evidence and data are accessed, interpreted and represented, and (b) how the different branches of History are applied to contemporary debates and challenges.  In these ways, the module aims to enhance your study of History at Levels 3 and 4, and to help prepare you for writing a History Dissertation in your final year.

Module topics may include – but are not limited to – historical methods & archives, history & the media, digital history, global history, and historical approaches to such topics as decolonisation, gender, and climate change.  Such topics (and others) address important questions about historical science as well as the role of history in society.


Dr Murray Frame


You will normally have three teaching contact hours per week (normally 2 lectures and 1 tutorial). In addition, you should aim for around 20 hours of study each week (e.g., for tutorial preparation and further reading, essay preparation and writing, exam preparation and revision). This will help you to attain a high level of knowledge and understanding of the module topics, commensurate with SCQF Level 10 benchmarking.


This module is assessed as follows:

  • 1 essay (50%)
  • 1 exam (50%)

Introductory Reading

Helen Carr & Suzannah Lipscomb (eds), What Is History, Now? How the Past and Present Speak to Each Other (London, 2021).  Core text.

John Tosh, Why History Matters, 2nd edition (London, 2019).

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