Writing Poetry module (EN32036)

Learn about the craft of writing poetry, and the art of writing about this craft as a poet

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Have you ever been interested in what it means to engage in the practice of writing poetry? Do you already write poetry, and want to find new ways to hone your poetic writing skills?

This is a practitioner-taught creative writing course focussing on the craft of writing poetry, and the art of writing about this craft as a poet.

What you will learn

In this module, you will:

  • gain a broad genre-based understanding of poetry across the ages, through the examination of various key texts within the context of their formal and literary inheritance
  • develop a poetry 'tool kit' of poetry-specific writing and editing techniques, and develop the means to undertake a 'project' in poetic form
  • begin to learn to read and write as a poet, and situate your poetic practice within the longer tradition (both historical and contemporary)

By the end of this module, you will:

  • be able to identify and take writerly responsibility for your creative decision-making
  • have honed editorial techniques, and learnt how to put together a pamphlet-length collection of poetry
  • be able to write a poetic writer's statement substantiating and contextualizing your creative choices

Assignments / assessment:

  • workshop writing sample submission (10%)
  • workshop participation (as a featured writer) (10%)
  • workshop critique (10%)
  • portfolio of poetry (16-18 pages) and writer's statement 800 words (70%)

Teaching methods / timetable:

  • craft seminars (you will learn about modes of poetic practice, and undertake practical writing exercises)
  • workshops (detailed critique of works in progress)
  • visiting writer talks

The course also incorporates a reading/writing week, where you are encouraged to concentrate on your writing practice.


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