National Cinemas Post-1945 module (EN22006)

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  • Level 2
  • Semester 1
  • English - School of Humanities
  • Coursework 100%
  • Wednesday evening tutorial available


This module examines a variety of cinematic movements from a global perspective. Exploring seminal films from Britain and Europe as well as the national cinemas of Japan, Iran and Africa this module will enhance student awareness of film-historical contexts and the language of film criticism and analysis more broadly.


Dr Jennifer Barnes


The approach to teaching in this module centres on a lecture + seminar structure that will develop students’ understanding of the history of national cinemas and their ability to discuss the films/their contexts in a critically-informed way. 


 two x 1,500-word sequence analyses (40% of the assessment weighting for the module each)

 3,000 word essay (60% of the assessment weighting for the module)


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Module Aims

This module seeks to expand students’ appreciation of the medium of cinema by making them familiar with a variety of national cinemas and film-historical contexts, and with the language of film criticism and analysis more broadly. The module aims to:

  1.  develop students’ further skills in the critical study of the filmic texts;
  2.  introduce students to key national perspectives and movements in cinema;
  3.  explore central debates surrounding the development of film genres and film movements;
  4. further develop skills in essay writing and engaging with scholarly secondary materials.

Intended learning outcomes

Week One: Britain in the 40s: A Matter of Life and Death & Kind Hearts and Coronets

Week Two: Italian Neo-Realism: Rome, Open City & Bicycle Thieves

Week Three: Japan in the ‘50s: Rashomon & Tokyo Story

Week Four: Post-War Eastern Block: Closely Observed Trains & Ivan’s Childhood

Week Five: French New Wave: Hiroshima, Mon Amour & The 400 Blows

Week Six: New German Cinema: Fear Eats the Soul & Aguirre, the Wrath of God

Week Seven: Spain Before and After Franco: The Spirit of the Beehive & Pan’s Labyrinth

Week Eight: Indian and African Cinema: Pather Panchali and Yeelen

Week Nine: Australian New Wave: Picnic at Hanging Rock & Breaker Morant

Week Ten: Fifth Generation Chinese/Hong Kong: Farewell, My Concubine & In the Mood for Love

Week Eleven: New Iranian Cinema: Close-Up & Offside 


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