Financial and Project Analysis of Natural Resources and Energy Ventures (by Distance Learning) module (CP50041)

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The main aim of this course is to introduce you into current appraisal techniques and concepts that relate to natural resources and energy organisations. It focuses on the internal investment decision from the perspective of the operational manager. The key starting point is the question: how can companies create value through sound investment decisions in order to support the business? As a result, we are concerned with the deployment of finance, rather than how it is generated from the financial markets.

This is a practical course in which evaluation techniques, such as discounted cash flow analysis, are applied to realistic scenarios, leading to the preparation of spreadsheets, their analysis and interpretation of results. The objective is the capability to recommend appropriate appraisal techniques to a given business investment, along with an appreciation of social and other non-financial features, underpinned by a basic understanding of the principles of risk analysis.


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