Concrete Durability and Repair Technology module (CE40008)

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This module deals with the specification of concrete materials and implications of various repair strategies for concrete structures.  This includes: Review of the nature of concrete in structures, overview of the causes and mechanisms of deterioration of concrete including chemical attack, corrosion of reinforcement, physical and mechanical attack.  

  • Production of durable concrete: Mix constituents and composition
  • Integrating durability into design: British and European standards, design, detailing, and workmanship
  • Theoretical evaluation of potential durability of structural concrete
  • Test methods for evaluating potential durability of structural concrete
  • Environmental Benefits of Durable Concrete Construction
  • Review of common defects in concrete and concrete structures and their effect on serviceability
  • Inspection, Testing and Assessment of Concrete Structures
  • Performance and Integrity Testing
  • Planning and Interpretation of In-situ testing
  • Strengthening Methods for Concrete Elements
  • Characteristics of repair materials


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