Civil Engineering Project II module (CE22008)

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This module will provide you with the ability to interpret structural drawings and devise a plan for how a structure should be built.

You will learn how structural features and details are depicted on engineering drawings and surveying information, and learn how these can be transformed into 3D depictions using computer-aided design (CAD) software. In doing so you will learn CAD skills, but also develop an instinct for visualising a finished structure from its drawings. Along the way you will learn about options which are available in terms of the construction technologies and develop skills in selecting which options are most suitable for a set of circumstances. You will also learn how to devise time schedules, health and safety plans, and method statements for a Civil Engineering project.

Topics include:

  • Construction technology: excavation, foundations, steelwork, reinforced concrete, stairs, finishes, cranes
  • Computer-aided design and spreadsheet workshops
  • Risk assessment and project management workshops


This module is available on following courses: