Civil Engineering Project I module (CE21004)

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One of the most important skills of the Civil Engineer is the ability to interpret someone else’s design - and build it. This team-based module does this by turning the bridge design work conducted in the Level 1 Civil Engineering Project (CE12004) on its head: teams are given the design devised by another team in Level 1 and asked to appraise and build it.

During the module, you will learn how to critically evaluate a structural design in terms of concept, structural performance, economy, and constructability. You will gain knowledge of the parameters which are used to evaluate how well a structure has actually been built. You will also learn how to report on the results of the testing of a structural design.

Topics include:

  • Appraisal of a structural design.
  • Hands-on construction of a structural design, and physical testing using a compression testing machine.
  • Processing, analysis, and reporting of test data.


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