Applied Anatomy Topics module (CA42005)

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Welcome to the CA42005 Applied Anatomy Topics Module. We hope you're looking forward to this course!

About the course

This module should allow you to use and develop both your communication skills and your creativity! The idea is for you to produce a learning tool on one aspect of applied or clinical anatomy, and to develop it into an interactive tool that students of anatomy might be able to use. The medium can be one of many, but should be easy to use and suitable for a normal virtual learning environment such as My Dundee. Therefore, you can decide whether to use a website, PowerPoint, a Prezi, or some other medium, but whatever you use needs clear instructions for the learner to follow and should be suitable for a normal computer. Your interactive learning tool will be submitted electronically in its final form; you will also have the opportunity to present it to your colleagues at a seminar.

The aims of the course are therefore intended:

  1. to enable you to create and design an interactive online learning tool
  2. to allow you to investigate in detail an applied or clinical area of anatomy
  3. to enable you to present your ideas in both oral and written form.

Type of learning

The module is entirely self-directed. Once the introductory session has been held, you will be working alone and in your own time on a particular topic of anatomy. Please note that this module carried 15 credits, so the standard and volume of the work needs to reflect a fair amount of effort.


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