Professional Management Accounting module (BU51004)

Learn about the nature of managerial accounting within an organisational context.

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You will explore the nature of managerial accounting within an organisational context. This module addresses the use of accounting information and specialised techniques in the broad areas of cost ascertainment. You will also learn about planning, controlling and decision making from a performance management perspective. This module will introduce you to key aspects of the theoretical underpinning of contemporary managerial accounting.

What you will learn

In this module you will:

  • understand the subject matter of contemporary managerial accounting through engagement with advanced topics appropriate for "partly-qualified" accounting practitioners
  • apply a range of techniques or technical considerations and develop a critical awareness of how these impact on, and are impacted by, the organisational context of managerial accounting
  • use appropriate resources to seek out information on the latest developments and research in managerial accounting/performance management to support decision making
  • manipulate and present data gathered from a variety of sources in a coherent manner and demonstrate the use of information and communication technologies.

Assignments / assessment

  • class test (20%)
  • coursework (20%)
  • final exam component (60%)

Teaching methods / timetable

This module will be delivered through on-campus (face-to-face) lecture sessions and tutorials.

Sessions include:

  • two lecture sessions each week, each two hours long
  • weekly two hour tutorials

During certain weeks additional sessions may be arranged to provide additional examples. Guest lecturers may be invited to host the sessions.


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