Contemporary Issues in International Reporting module (BU41007)

Learn about the current issues facing the world of accounting in an International context.

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Contemporary Issues in International Reporting refer to current challenges and trends faced by businesses in presenting accurate and transparent financial information across borders. This module complements others in your 4th year to give a wider understanding of the world of accounting.

What you will learn

In this module, you will:

  • understand the application of domestic and international accounting standards
  • delve into the processes which shape financial reporting practices in the UK and internationally
  • explore the factors which influence accounting rules and practices
  • define major accounting principles and practices in selected EU countries and the US
  • discuss the role of the accounting profession and other international bodies in the harmonisation of accounting practices
  • explain accounting for non-financial issues, including, narrative reporting, integrated reporting and accounting for biodiversity

By the end of this module, you will be able to:

  • understand the preparation and application of accounting entries for selected contemporary topics
  • comment on exposure drafts of accounting standards
  • evaluate the existing literature for selected topics
  • discuss information about international accounting problems
  • understand the international dimensions of current financial accounting practices
  • appreciate the need and the current practices of non-financial reporting

Assignments / assessment

Essay (20%)

  • issued in week 3
  • due in November
  • 1000 words

Final Exam (80%)

  • during main exam diet

Teaching methods / timetable

You should expect weekly lectures, these will be recorded to use for revision. You will also have in-person tutorials and be expected to have completed the reading and tasks in preparation of contributing to the class.

For this module, the exact dates of teaching and/or reading weeks are to be confirmed.


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