Pharmacology of Treatment of Metabolic Disease module (BS42028)

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Semester 2

This module aims to provide you with advanced research-led teaching of key topics in the clinical pharmacology of treatment of Obesity, Diabetes, Fatty liver Disease and metabolic diseases of the brain. This module will build on specialised areas of physiology, biochemistry, molecular cell biology and genetics that you will have encountered through the core modules taken during Semester 1 of Level 3, and during BS42014, which must be taken alongside this module.

Following successful completion of this module, you will be able to explain and critically appraise central concepts in the field of the pharmacology of treatments for metabolic diseases and the associated health complications. Clinical aspects of the diseases and their treatments will be covered to ensure you appreciate the ‘real-life’ aspects of dealing these diseases.

You will understand the principles that underlie:

  • glucose Metabolism and Different types of diabetes
  • pathophysiology of the different types of diabetes
  • current approaches to treatment of metabolic diseases
  • medical Complications of diabetes and their treatment
  • mechanisms of action of commonly prescribed diabetes drugs
  • diabetes pharmacogenetics
  • personalised medicine for diabetes
  • molecular and clinical aspects of Fatty Liver disease and Hepatitis
  • metabolic diseases of the brain
  • important aspects of Clinical Trial design
  • new treatments on the horizon


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