Advanced Cell Signalling module (BS42013)

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Semester 2

This module builds on the Level 3 module Cell Signalling (BS32006) and will take you close to the forefront in selected areas of cell signalling research currently being pursued within the School of Life Sciences.

On completion of this module, you should have the ability to acquire, organise, present and discuss information about Cell Signalling obtained from the primary scientific literature and other sources.

Topics covered in this module are protein kinase families; catalysis, regulation and recognition of substrates by protein kinases; sensing of energy and glucose by AMPK; targeting of protein phosphatases via regulatory subunits; organisation of protein phosphorylation networks by 14:3:3 proteins; expansion of cell signalling networks by whole genome duplications; regulation of cell function by polyubiquitylation and deubiquitylation; regulation of transcription by protein phosphorylation; signalling via Toll-like receptors; signalling in T cells via antigen and IL-2 receptors.


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