Advanced Gene Regulation & Expression module (BS42010)

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Semester 2

The aim of this module is to provide an opportunity for you to carry out an in-depth study of specific topics within the area of Gene Regulation and Expression and of the advanced technologies and experimental design that underpin them. You will gain an understanding of selected topics in cell and molecular biology at the level of contemporary, cutting-edge research in these areas. The selected areas will reflect the expertise and research interests of the Centre for Gene Regulation & Expression in Dundee but will be placed within the wider context of current research.

Specialist topics offered as part of this module may vary from year to year but will typically include five topics drawn from the following areas: transcriptional regulation, chromosome biology, nuclear structure and gene expression, chromatin structure and gene regulation, DNA damage response, control of DNA replication, advanced topics in cell division, advanced proteomics, quantitative and high-resolution microscopy.


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