Practical Project B module (BS32012)

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Semester 2

Finding out about stuff is one of the joys of the life sciences, and especially when you are in control of the experiments – with expert help from senior researchers and the Senior Demonstrators, you will be carrying out a five-week project at your own pace – this is how research is done! You will be choosing a project in your area of specialisation, carrying out the research, and writing up a paper on your experience and results for the assessment. This is the best way to see what it’s like to carry out research and will help you get ready for the all-important Honours project in your final year.

This module will build on practical experience in levels 1 and 2 and provide training for the final year research project. This module will offer a range of projects related to specialist modules in Semester 2.

Project titles include: Plant Science, Synthetic Biology, Drug Discovery, and Molecular Ecology.


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