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Semester: Summer

About the Module

The aim of your project is to give you experience in carrying out an independent software development project which is the culmination of your year of study in Computing and relevant to your future career plans.

A typical project will contain all stages of the software development lifecycle and will be designed for usability. However, some projects, for example, more technical research-oriented projects, may lack some other these aspects and include others appropriate to the particular project. Some projects are more technical or research-oriented than others and therefore may lack some of these aspects (e.g. a defined end user) whilst including additional aspects of their own, appropriate to the particular project (e.g. performance testing of algorithms developed or similar).

You are responsible for the technical aspects and day-to-day management of your project. Your supervisor is there to provide guidance and advice and to monitor your progress. Every effort will be made to allocate you the project and supervisor of your choice but this is not always possible. If you want to discuss any general problems you are having with your project, please make an appointment to see the course co-ordinator.

Credit Rating

There are 60 SCQF points available on this module.

Module Timetable

The stages of your project should be discussed with your project supervisor in order to ensure that you have a sensible plan in place to complete all required outcomes of your specific project. The project commences soon after the completion of your Semester 2 teaching and runs throughout the summer for a period of approximately four to five months. There are no official time-tabled slots for the project module other than an optional, weekly drop-in session where you can discuss any questions that you have with the module coordinator. The weekly drop-in sessions may occasionally be used for presentations or workshops but you will be made aware of these if and when they arise. You will also have meetings to attend with your project supervisor and these will be arranged between you both at a mutually convenient time. Meetings are usually held weekly or fortnightly but this varies and it is up to you and your supervisor to arrange a sensible schedule to fit the needs of the project. In some cases, several students may find themselves working on different aspects of a similar research topic. In this case, project supervisors may deem it valuable to arrange group meetings with several project students together as well as individual / one-to-one meetings. This can be helpful in the earlier stages of the project when the project topic and background research is being explored. It should be noted however that the project itself is individual and not team-based. Regarding the allocation of projects, a list of project choices will usually be drawn up by teaching staff during the Semester 2 teaching period and these will be circulated to students to peruse so that you can select which project(s) you are interested in. Projects will then be allocated, ready to commence after the completion of Semester 2. As noted, it may not always be possible to provide you with your first choice of project and so second or third choices will be explored too.

Assessment and Coursework

Coursework counts for 100% of the final module mark and this is made up of a final report, a demo / presentation, and your end product.


Project information is available on My Dundee and this includes major deadlines, details of what you need to submit such as the format and content of your final report, marking criteria, and other general information about the project. Please ensure that you read this information prior to commencing your project.


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