The User Centre

The User Centre is a place where groups of computer users and learners of varying skills meet to learn and help each other in a friendly environment

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Queen Mother Building
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Our approach includes vulnerable people and the centre is at the forefront of work in accessibility and outreach. It enables collaboration between academics, students, and researchers with the people who use their technology.

Founded by Prof Alan Newell (former Head of Applied Computing), it has grown from a drop-in centre supporting older people with computer related challenges to an umbrella organisation engaged in multidisciplinary work. Its user centred approach includes vulnerable people and the centre is at the forefront of work in accessibility and outreach.

The User Centre currently hosts three groups:

Tap and Talk Aphasia iPad Group

The Tap and Talk Aphasia iPad Group was established by members of the local Speakeasy group together with the Speech and Language Therapy adult service of the NHS Tayside to help adults with aphasia in using an iPad to support their communication. Find out more on our project page: aac.dundee.ac.uk/tap-and-talk.

Straight Talking Group

The Straight Talking Group is a user group of adults with complex disabilities who use a range of Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Learn more, and meet the team, on our Straight Talking Group page: aac.dundee.ac.uk/stg.

Bytes and Blether – Over 50’s Computer and Coffee Club

Bytes and Blether (formerly the User Group or the Drop-in Centre) was established in 2005 when Computing moved into its new home, the Queen Mother Building. A dedicated space on the ground floor was part of the design of our new building to enable user groups, like Bytes and Blether, to meet regular in a space that supports the collaboration of user groups, teaching and research in Computing at Dundee University.

You can find out more on the Bytes and Blether Facebook page with contact details on meeting times (no Facebook account needed to see this page).


Annalu Waller

Core Academic Lead

+44 (0)1382 388223