Materials Testing Laboratory

This laboratory is used for the preparation and examination of engineering materials

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Fulton Building


City Campus


The material laboratory is also used in conjunction with a laboratory based in the Physics Department (Harris Building) which has Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) for analysis of engineering material samples. This has both imaging and chemical (EDX) functions providing advanced material characterisation techniques.

We have facilities to carry out practical experiments which complement the teaching during lectures. It can be used during your final year honours project, where you receive training and can then use it independently.

Research students use the laboratory to carry out testing and analysis as part of their research.

The facility offers a range of testing and analysis techniques that many businesses may not possess. It could prove useful to any business who requires sample characterisation, mechanical testing or material development.

Equipment and facilities

All of our equipment is maintained by experienced technicians and operated by knowledgeable researchers

  • facilities to prepare metallographic samples
  • viewing and imaging of metallographic samples
  • heat treatment furnaces
  • welding services
  • impact testing equipment
  • tensile testing equipment