Central Technical Services (CTS)

The CTS is a ‘housekeeping’ service that provides core support to research labs throughout the School of Life Sciences and the D’Arcy Thompson Unit (DTU).

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Central Technical Services 

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The Central Technical Service (CTS) is the largest professional service team operating in the School of Life Sciences (SLS), and works closely with other professional service teams within the complex (i.e. Stores, the Lab Management Team and the Safety Services Team). 

The CTS provides a core service for all research groups around the SLS. The CTS can be divided into 5 distinct departments. 

  • Media Prep Facility – provide ‘made to order’ agar plates, liquid media, and buffers for labs around the SLS. 
  • Glass Wash-up Facility – Collection and processing of chemically contaminated glass and plasticware. The clean items are then returned to their lab of origin. We also provide a sterilisation service for equipment and buffers. 
  • Biohazard Waste Facility – Collection, processing and disposal of all solid and liquid biohazard waste created within the SLS.  
  • Sterile Supplies Unit – Pipette tip service and lab coat provision. 
  • Specialised Cat.2 Cleaning Team – Take care of areas where the morning cleaning team are not permitted. In these areas we sweep and clean the floors/sinks, as well as cleaning specialised Cat.2 equipment i.e. Incubators. 


Ryan Webster – Central Technical Service Manager 

+44 (0)1382 384255 



Karen McGovern – Media Team Lead 

+44 (0)1382 381058 



Media Orders 


+44 (0)1382 381058 


CTS Team - requests 


WTB Kitchen – +44 (0)1382 385683 

JBC Kitchen – +44 (0)1382 386205 

Sterile Supplies – +44 (0)1382 386204 


Jenna Anderson - Technical Assistant  

Paige Barclay - Technical Assistant 

Paul Clark - Technical Assistant 

Stevie Dalglish - Technical Assistant 

Alasdair Gibb - Technical Assistant 

Lisa Hyland - Media Technician 

Ross Kenneth - Support Assistant 

Brian Kenny - Technical Assistant 

Arlene Law – Technical Assistant 

Scott MacQueen - Technical Assistant 

Karen McGovern - Media Team Lead 

Vicki Murray - Technical Assistant 

Stiofan Rattray - Support Assistant 

Leanne Reid - Technical Assistant 

Carole Squire - Technical Assistant 

Chris Stephen - Media/Technical Assistant 

Aileen Tinti - - Technical Assistant 

Ryan Webster - CTS Manager 

Jordan Wooding - Technical Assistant