Three year course

The IS2 is the equivalent to second year level study of a typical four-year Scottish undergraduate degree. This programme provides an intensive combination of Business subjects with extra Mathematics and English academic literacy skills. Upon successful completion of the IS2, you will continue to the final two years of your chosen degree course with the University of Dundee.

Why choose the IS2 at Dundee?

The IS2 programme is the start of your three-year journey towards an undergraduate degree with the University of Dundee’s School of Business. The continuation routes available cover a range of disciplines such as Economics, International Business, Management and Finance. These degrees have been designed with your future employability in mind. The 'in practice' component incorporates professional focused content plus an internship facilitated by the School of Business. Giving you every opportunity to be a career-ready graduate for the world of tomorrow.

Your IS2 Journey at ICD


Depending on your chosen undergraduate degree, you will study subject-specific modules which relate to your degree course. You can choose a specialist pathway in the following subjects:


With a combined total study of three years, our new International Stage Two in Business and Economics gives you a head start to achieving a Scottish degree in business with the University of Dundee’s prestigious School of Business. Students will develop their knowledge in business, finance, management, accounting and economics which opens up a wide variety of career opportunities. The University is top in Scotland, and 14th in the UK, for the proportion of graduates entering high skilled employment (87.4%). (Graduate Outcomes Survey HESA June 2020.

Methods of assessment

  • Continuous assessment and feedback
  • Project work and testing


Small classes on-campus and online giving individual attention


With the Business and Economics pathway, you will undertake the following subject-specific module:

Business Management

In this module, you will develop an understanding of some of the activities involved in managing a business. You will gain knowledge and understanding of theories of management and consider the nature and impact of different styles of management/leadership. You will also learn the ways in which businesses have impacted society and the need for businesses to behave in an ethical and sustainable way including their responses to change and innovation.


Studying finance can help you access many career opportunities as it covers management of money, business practice, analysis and planning. Our IS2 in Applied Finance is the first stage of your integrated BSc (Hons) Applied Finance in Practice degree course. You will be introduced to financial accounting, management, business theory and mathematics for business. You will continue your degree studies with the School of Business who boast professional accreditation across many of their degree courses with recognised bodies such as The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and The Association of International Accountants (AIA).

Methods of assessment

  • Continuous assessment and feedback
  • Project work and testing


Small classes online and face-to-face giving individual attention.


With the Applied Finance pathway, you will undertake the following subject-specific modules:

Introduction to Financial Accounting

In this module you will be introduced to the basic mechanics and processes of financial accounting in both theory and. It also aims to help you understand the importance of financial accounting procedures in running a business efficiently and cost-effectively.

Financial Management 2

In this module you will look at financial management in the business and personal contexts. You will develop an in-depth understanding of the ways in which businesses are financed, how their financial performance is monitored and controlled and how international and national factors may impact them.

Business and Economics

  • BSc Business Management in Practice
  • BSc Economics in Practice
  • BSc International Business in Practice

Applied Finance

  • BSc Applied Finance in Practice

Core modules

As well as well as modules unique to your specific route, you will also study several core modules common to each course. The core modules are:

This module prepares you with the English language skills and core competencies you need for your continued degree studies. The aim is to improve your English language proficiency from a minimum 5.5 IELTS (or equivalent) to an IELTS level 6.5 (or equivalent).

This module will help you develop the mathematical and problem-solving skills required for your degree studies. It will also introduce students to Blackboard, Turnitin software and how to utilise multiple modes of communication.

In this module you will be introduced to basic statistical concepts, packages, topics and methods. It will enable you to collate and present data in various accessible forms in order to analyse and interpret it effectively.

This module will introduce you to the current international issues affecting contemporary businesses and provided with a greater appreciation of the role of business within society. You will also learn how businesses respond to challenges associated with cultural differences, ethical issues, sustainability and the impact of technological change.

In this module you will develop an understanding of the main contemporary macroeconomic issues in the U.K. and globally and be able to operate the standard methods used in analysing open economies. Applied Policy introduces you to dealing with macroeconomic accounts and with data used to measure economic performance.

This module will help to understand the micro aspects of the economy by focusing on the basic theories of consumer and firm behaviour.

Course Start Dates

Flexible enrolment dates with robust catch-up plans in place to support students during these challenging times.

Course Start 11 January 2021
Last Enrolment Date 1 February 2021


"The student association at Dundee is huge. It offers you anything and everything you could ever want and a great chance to make new friends."

Amir from Iran
IS1 Engineering and Physical Sciences