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Our recruitment pages have been designed to highlight our procedures, and offer guidance to University staff so as to ensure they are successful in all recruitment and selection activities. Our guidelines comply with all relevant legislation and equal opportunities best practice, and will result in the most suitable person being appointed to the vacant post.

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Any questions relating to the recruitment of new staff should be directed towards your School or Directorate Senior People Partner.


Effective academic recruitment is integral to a high performance community. Some best practices are shared to help guide Schools.


Information about entering the UK as an Academic Visitor if you are intending to work at the University.


The Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme (PVG Scheme) is the membership scheme for staff who work with vulnerable groups.


The process for approving staffing requests and forms to be completed for all posts as part of the post approval process.


Standards that all recruiting managers should follow in order to ensure high-quality hiring decisions and practices.


This policy describes the University’s approach to the reimbursement of immigration costs (visa application fee and the Immigration Health Surcharge) and applies to employees regardless of contractual status or grade.


Guidelines for staff on the University's approach to offering opportunities to sponsored trainees.