What to do if your visa application is refused

Updated on 7 July 2023

If your application for a Student or Visitor visa is refused you should contact the University to discuss your options. You may be able to re-apply if we are able to issue a second CAS.

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If your visa application is refused you should contact us immediately

If your visa application is refused:

  • scan all the pages of your refusal notice
  • email these to
  • use the email subject Visa refusal [your student ID number]

Reasons for visa refusal

The most common reason for refusal is submission of incorrect financial documents.

If an application is refused on financial grounds we will need to see new financial documents before a new CAS number can be issued. Most students who re-apply with a second CAS with the correct documents are successful.

You can apply for an administrative review to have your application looked at again but this can take a long time and it is usually only when the entry clearance officer had made a mistake, you can’t provide further documentation so re-applying is usually the best option. 

If you are applying for an administrative review please notify us when you send a copy of your visa refusal as we will not report your visa refusal until you have received the outcome from your review

If your visa has been refused due to a credibility interview you can request a copy of the transcript of the interview and forward to the University of Dundee with your visa refusal. 

Requesting a second CAS

We can issue a second CAS for the same programme of study if your visa has been refused due to financial documents, but we will ask you to provide proof of bank statements before we would approve a second CAS. 

If your visa was refused due to a credibility interview then we would not issue a second CAS unless there was exceptional circumstances.

If you receive two visa refusals for the same programme of study, then we will not issue a third CAS.

Refund of advance payment

If your visa is refused, you may be entitled to a refund of your Advance Payment. You can find details of this on the advance payment guide.


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