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Updated on 15 August 2023

Dundee is approximately 70 miles from Aberdeen Airport, and can be reached by taxi, train, or bus

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Travel to Dundee by bus

There are direct buses from Aberdeen to Dundee throughout the day. Aberdeen Bus Station is located in the city centre (about seven miles from the airport).

Travel to Aberdeen city centre

Buses operated by First and Stagecoach Bluebird run to the city centre. Get off at the bus station which is opposite the railway station. Evening and weekend buses are less frequent, so check the airport website for details. The fare is £4 (service 727).

taxi from Aberdeen Airport to the city will cost approximately £33 depending on the time of day. These are available from outside the terminal.

Travel to Dundee

There are regular buses from Aberdeen Bus Station to Dundee Bus Station. The Stagecoach X7 runs between 07:15 and 19:20 and the journey takes approximately 2 hours and 40 mins. The cost of a standard single fare from Aberdeen to Dundee is approximately £11. You pay the driver in cash as you board the bus.

Megabus buses to Dundee must be booked in advance from their website and can be cheaper, however if you miss the bus you have booked you cannot use your ticket on a later journey and will have to pay again.

Travel to Dundee by train

There are regular direct trains from Aberdeen Railway Station to Dundee. These trains often continue to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Leeds or London but will be shown as stopping in Dundee on the departures board. Aberdeen is a main station with many facilities, such as places to eat, however you must keep your luggage with you at all times.

Trains run between 05:34 and 22:28 and the journey takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. The cost of a standard single fare from Aberdeen Station to Dundee is £24.60. You must buy a ticket from a ticket machine on the concourse as there are ticket operated barriers to reach the platforms. Tickets will be checked by an inspector on the train who will validate your ticket on-board during the journey.

It can be cheaper to book your train ticket in advance and pick it up at the station using the credit card you used to pay as identification. Some advance tickets are only valid for particular train company services (for example ScotRail or LNER). Please read the details on the ticket website carefully before buying.

Travel to Dundee by taxi

Taxis are available outside the airport terminal – there is a fixed fare to Dundee which is approximately £160. This option is the quickest, but most expensive method of transport. If there are two or more students travelling together this may provide a cost-effective option.

On arrival in Dundee

  • taxis are available outside the railway and bus stations
  • fare is £5 - £8 to city campus
  • let the taxi driver know the name of your accommodation (Belmont, Heathfield, Seabraes, or West Park) as they know the quickest routes to each
  • you can also call the taxi company TeleTaxis on: +44 (0)1382 825825 or freephone +44 (0)800 123 4444.
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