Request and manage your shared mailbox

Updated on 7 July 2023

A shared mailbox allows your team, department, or society to jointly operate an email account.

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Using a shared mailbox makes it easier for a group of people to monitor and send emails from a common email address, like The shared mailbox also includes a shared calendar.

Contact the Service Desk if you'd like to have:

  • a shared mailbox created for you
  • someone added or removed from your shared mailbox (change access permissions)
  • the name of your shared mailbox changed
  • your shared mailbox deleted

The DIY option: Microsoft Office 365 Groups

Office 365 Groups operate in the same way as a shared mailbox: you can add users, use it as a single point of email contact, and send emails on behalf of your Group.

The main differences are you:

  • Can set up, manage, and delete a Group without having to contact the Service Desk
  • Get additional features like OneNote notebook

Microsoft have compared Office 365 Groups and shared mailboxes, so you can look at the pros and cons of both and decide which is right for you.

Read Microsoft's comparison of Groups and shared mailboxes