Request a letter confirming your right to work in the UK

Updated on 27 July 2023

If your employer requests a letter to evidence your right to work you can request a letter using this form. If you have completed your studies you can use your confirmation of matriculation letter from e-vision to evidence your course start and end dates.

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Employers may request evidence of your term and vacation dates before offering you employment. This is to ensure that they do not offer you more hours than your visa permits you to work.

Letters are usually generated within three working days, however during busy periods this may take longer. We are not able to prioritise urgent requests. The completed letter will be sent to your email address.

We will only be able to issue a letter confirming your working hours if you have provided the university with copies of your up-to-date immigration documents and your address on e-vision is accurate. If the Immigration Compliance team have any queries regarding your engagement with studies you may be invited in for a meeting before a letter is issued. If we need to follow up with you for further details this will delay the work letter being issued. 

If you have questions regarding working on a Student visa check our guide Working during study as Student visa holder or email us

Please do not use the Immigration Compliance Team as a reference in your job application.