Moving out of your room

Updated on 18 March 2024

This year, there’s lots of different circumstances you might face when moving out of your room in University accommodation.

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When you are moving out, please make sure that you follow Sanctuary Students’ Move Out Guide. It’s important that you leave your room and communal spaces clean and tidy.

Donating unwanted items

The University Student Support Team and Sanctuary Students collect unwanted items from departing residents to donate to new students and or local charities.

If you have any items you wish to donate to the Big Giveaway (crockery, kitchen appliances, or stationery etc.) take them to the nearest donation point, or if the donation point is closed leave them in a box/bag in the kitchen clearly marked “BIG GIVEAWAY”

If you have unopened dried or tinned food you wish to donate to students in Residences/Dundee Foodbank, you can leave them on the kitchen countertop and mark "FOR DONATION".

If you cannot take your duvet home, you can leave this on your bed with a note clearly making “FOR DONATION”. Please dispose of any unwanted pillows (as these can’t be donated) and donate any unwanted bedding to the textile recycling bin at your site.

Big Giveaway donation points

These are open between 09:00 and 16:00 7 days a week.

  • Belmont Flats/Tower & Heathfield - Bike shed opposite stair 2 (Flats 8 - 15)
  • Seabraes - Bike Shed opposite stair 4 (Flats 57 - 64)
  • West Park Villas


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