How students can report absences due to ill health

Updated on 13 November 2023

You can self-certify, without seeing a doctor, for the first 7 days of an absence. You may need this form as evidence for mitigating circumstances, or for absence reporting.

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How to report an absence

  • Stay in contact with your School Office, and wherever possible, on first day of absence.
  • All sections of the form to be completed.
  • The form must be emailed to your School Office, along with your Mitigating Circumstances Application Form and, if appropriate, any other evidence which supports your application.
  • The University Health Service will only provide a doctor’s letter (if appropriate), if you have actually been seen by medical/nursing staff whilst unwell. Letters will not be given retrospectively.

Details of absence

  • The self certificate normally only covers the first 7 days of absence.
  • A GP may provide evidence of illness but may charge for this service.
  • If you have been seen by a GP whilst unwell, you can contact the GP medical centre/practice to discuss obtaining a letter without booking another appointment
  • Remember to include weekends and days on which you were not timetabled to attend in the dates of absence.

Reason for absence

  • Try to give as many details as possible.
  • Words like "unwell" or "illness" are not acceptable.
Where to submit your self-certificate form

Please email this form to the appropriate school office

Download self certificate form (Microsoft Word)

Health Service

+44 (0)1382 384168

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