Access the CareersPortal

Updated on 7 July 2023

You can register and access the CareersPortal to book appointments, search for jobs, and submit careers-related questions.

On this page

Once you register on CareersPortal you will be able to:

  • book and manage appointments with your careers adviser.
  • find, search, and save events advertised by the Careers Services.
  • search, save, and manage job opportunities.
  • submit careers-related questions online.


Go to CareersPortal and login with your standard University username and password.

Navigating the CareersPortal

Home Page

Careers portal landing page

You can view and access all of your activity and correspondence in one place.

For example:

  • appointments
  • questions submitted and responses received
  • events booked
  • JobShop applications and saved jobs
  • shortcuts to view specific organisations


Careers portal option menu highlighting appointments


  • My appointments - see the booking status of any appointments
  • Book appointment - select appointment type (guidance appointment with adviser, 30 minute appointment with a Careers Adviser, practice interview, Quick Query)
  • My referrals - stay up to date with referrals made after an appointment



Careers portal menu with Events highlighted


  • My events - check status of booked events
  • Search events - search for and book upcoming careers events
  • Event calendar - organise and clearly view all your upcoming events



Careers portal options menu with Jobshop highlighted


  • Saved JobShop - refer back to and check status of jobs you are interested in.
  • Search JobShop - search for currently advertised opportunities including graduate jobs, internships, volunteering and part -time work. Use filters (e.g. business area, location, opportunity type) to narrow your search.
  • Search Organisations - find details of organisations of interest


Ask a Question/E-guidance

Careers portal options menu with Question highlighted


  • My ask a Question - check the status of questions that you have submitted to an adviser.
  • Submit Ask a Question - send a question to your careers adviser. The careers adviser will respond to this via CareersPortal. Please provide a title (Subject), main text body (Ask a Question details), topic (Type of question) and if required attach documents such as CV, application form (upload).
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