Request or stop an account rename

Updated on 9 August 2023

You need to notify the University if your name changes. Once your details have been updated in our systems, your account will be renamed automatically.

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Register your new name

How account renames work

Once your details are updated in our systems, you'll receive an email from UoD IT. This will include your new login name and a date the rename will take place.

There will not be a link in this email. If you've received an email that does contain a link, report it to Microsoft as spam / phishing. If you've clicked on the link it contains, follow the four steps in our service guide.

Stop your account rename

If you've wrongfully received an email to say your account is being renamed, let the appropriate department (outlined below) know.

Renames can't be stopped if you've changed your surname, but don't want this to be reflected in your account name. Your personal and account details must be in sync.

Report an error in your new login name

If you've been assigned a new login name that contains a spelling error of some kind, let the appropriate department (outlined below) know.

The extra numbers in your new login name can't be removed. If your surname exceeds the upper character limit, it may be shortened.

Who to contact to make your request