Clyde Williamson

Fine Art BA (Hons)

Trying to find common ground between people and art, providing creative public services globally.


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My work is trying to find common ground between people and art. My creative services are on offer globally to explore our relationships in public spaces - providing a point of wider access to culture and activity. My services specialise in public performance, chalk drawings, painted banners, workshops and events. I would like to try and and break through the hierarchical barriers that surround contemporary art using the services of Common Ground Scotland.

I like to work together with people to positively challenge perceptions of what and where art should be in the public realm.

Thank you to everyone who has helped me find common ground so far.

Cheers, Clyde.

Emperor Has Nae Ear

The artist stands outside the Tower Building of the university of Dundee. He is dressed as an ear. The ear is painted in cartoon fashion and reads 'Nae Ear'. He is surrounded by other protesters. He holds a serious face.

A public performance supporting the striking staff of the University of Dundee. Dressed as Iain Gillespie's missing ear - representing his inability to listen his working staff. His salary averaged 250 000. He initially proposed a pension cut of almost 50% for workers in pay ranges 1-7 (cleaners to technicians). Workers in pay grades 8-10 (senior lecturers to upper management) had their pensions untouched. Iain Gillespie was the Principal of the university of Dundee at this time. No other university in Scotland was taking this course of action. He must be held accountable.

Signs of Hope

Artist holds a sign which reads HOPE in Dundee city centre. He is wearing a large high-vis jacket. It is clearly a wet, cold and wintery day. He is being challenged by two Dundee City Council Ambassadors.

A public performance in Dundee city centre offering signs of hope to the public, during the early stages of COVID - 19. Countered by members of local authority, but resolved through laughter.

Finding Common Ground

A large gathering of people congregate in a repurposed supermarket room of a shopping centre. In one images the large group are being introduced to the game by the artist. He is wearing shorts and a T-shirt. In other images the attendees are around separate tables discussing, laughing and drawing. There is clearly a diverse range of ethnicities, ages and backgrounds interacting. In the final image participants are kneeling on the ground, drawing on a large roll of black paper using large wax crayons.

A public workshop hosted by Scrap Antics in their Wellgate Centre venue, Dundee. This was a speed-dating style chatting workshop with the goal of finding both similarities and differences. The findings of the participants were depicted on a large floor mural, which was later exhibited in the Wellgate centre.

Chewing Gum

Painting chewing gum in Nethergate, Dundee, outside Mecca Bingo. Adding colour to mundane and engaging the public in the process. Decorating our shared, forgotten space.


A video representing the formation of a cell. This symbolises the isolation, dependency and comfort of humans towards each other and their environment.

Getting Through

A film of negotiations with urban Dundee obstacles using my physicality

My work is currently displayed in the Wellgate Shopping Centre, Dundee, in the window of Wellbeing Works and can be exhibited there, with information provided. I am currently exhibiting a public chalkboard display, consisting of 18 boards at Slessor Gardens, Dundee, hosted by NOMAS Projects. This can be viewed and participated in. I have various public installations around the city of Dundee currently. You can read more about these in my degree show display which is outside the front of the college, or you can view them through my website - where I am also contactable. I am open for residencies, commissions and project ideas - although I am beginning a job as Learning Officer with the Orkney native Wildlife Project in June. Still, I am always delighted to discuss ideas and future projects. All work in my display is for sale. Just ask, or take it.